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Gorilla Totalsports / A dynamic emarketing campaign for Totalsports
Gorilla Totalsports

Project Description

Lilo, in partnership with Gorilla designed a dynamic Emarketing campaign for client Total Sports. Totalsports wanted an engaging online advertisement in the form of microsite, showcasing their new range of replica soccer jerseys. These jerseys would be on sale at various Totalsports Outlets before and during the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Knowing that World Cup Replica jerseys would be widely promoted and available before and during the FIFA World Cup, Lilo had to conceptualise a unique and engaging Emarketing Campaign that would stand out amidst the advertising efforts of other companies.

Functionality and Design

We decided to design an interactive flash presentation, giving soccer fans the ability to not just view each country’s soccer jersey, but to also access relevant information concerning the participating teams and the various South African cities hosting these teams during the World Cup. Users can page through images of the jerseys and enjoy reading additional world cup information.

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