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Project Description

Lilo collaborated with Mainet on a rebranding project for Marks & Spenser. Mainet approached Lilo to come up with a fresh branding strategy for the existing ATMs inside one of the Marks & Spencer stores.

Branding Strategy

We were given images showing the existing panels of these ATMs. The images made it clear that these ATMs were prone to getting damaged by shopping carts. Mainet provided Lilo with technical blueprints of what the ATMs would look like and commissioned us to redesign the outside panels.

Lilo branded the new panels with the M&S logo and implemented colours that were both practical and visually pleasing. The end-result was an innovative ATM design with a functional rubber band to prevent customers from bumping into it. The M&S logo stands out on the black background and the overall design illustrates what creative branding can do when combines with effective industrial design.

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Creative Direction



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