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Exchanged is an initiative, devised in association with The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The Exchanged publication is out twice a year and around 200,000 copies are distributed each year via RICS members throughout the UK. Exchanged online was launched to provide house buyers with important information on moving, home refurbishment, exploring home design, and various interior and exterior home challenges.

Project Description

Lilo developed a simple to use CMS website that enables the administrator to view, modify or remove registered users. The CMS administrator is also able to download separate lists of users who’ve entered competitions. We used a similar CMS to what we’ve used for the CW Publishing brands in the past. This CMS enable the administrator to do the following:

  • Add advertising partners and their banners to a page and allocate these banners to specific articles and article categories.
  • View or modify information on simple pages such as the About Us, Contact Us, disclaimer and our News page
  • Add, view, modify or remove articles and article categories from the database. (This includes setting up editions for articles as new magazines are published.)
  • Add, view, modify or remove solution providers. These solution providers are searchable from the front end.
  • Add, view, modify or remove entries from the Ask an Expert section.


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